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Pascal's new Blog edition

So, here we are! Welcome. It's an incredible pleasure to have you here. There are a few things in would like to say in advance about the origin of this website and this lovely blog. Honestly, it was kind a long way to go.

My first Blog was created in 2014 and published on my previous website m&c. In 2016 that website was sentence to dead as it was my first online work. An experimental playground with a lot of un-reparabel skirmish injuries. As consequence the Blog went offline as well and fell into a deep sleep.

pascallaube.com was created end of 2015 and was finally published sometime in early spring 2016 i think.

After all those years online now, after several changes and truly great and sustainable improvements in term of design and usability one thing did not change: My private website is still sort of an experimental lab, kind of a personal entertainment facility and fun-house, where from time to time experiments fires in the wrong direction. 😂 😂 Even though most of those failed experiments aren't visible for visitors I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience.

In 2018, i decided to add a Blog section again. I realised that it can be kinda nice to have a platform to make it's opinion known. The advantages of a Blog are undisputed: The fast and simple way of posting pictures, adding short notes and other contents giving you a fantastic tool at hand. Instead of creating endless galleries, setting up page by page, spending hours for layout work and investing at least as much time again for maintain those pages and keep everything in a impeccability shape. Additionally a blog can have a positive impact on the rating score and has a positiv impact on a websites visibility. It isn't really a first priority target but a few more visitors are always appreciated.

From now I'll continue posting where I left off two years ago. Whenever i have time, feel overwhelmingly good or get an inspiration I will come up with some new posts and share my thoughts with you. There are more than enough ideas and topics in my mind making me always having a lil headache ... 😍

The "old" Blog posts from my former website will be available here step by step. It's not only a fingertip or a few hours fancy woobely-do on the fast as i have to copy all the articles more or less manually, add pictures again and layout each post.. The Blog reanimation has already commenced (as you might have seen) ... Let's work on it contentiously... However friend, I hope you stay with me and come back from time to time.

💥 Stay free and have fun

Cheers, Pascal

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