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Introductory Remark: History of the Food Truck

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The History of the Food Truck ... or Mobile Cuisine - Street Food redefined!

This is the intro to my latest and probably longest article I've ever published on my website. The History of Food Trucks (English version in progress). By the way, absolutely beautiful to have you here! 😍

As with me, the world of food trucks and mobile street food is a source of enthusiasm for a lot of people. An association with freedom, innovation, flexibility and individual fulfilment takes place immediately. The concept of mobility and the idea of serving different places adds a touch of lightness and a feeling of independence to the whole rolling kitchen idea. Undoubtedly a lightness that is often wrongly interpreted. A food truck entrepreneur is faced with ambitious logistical and organisational challenges.

As a catering specialist, strategist and organisational talent, the mobile idea fascinates and inspires me immensely. Operate at several locations, with different food and event concepts, which take place at different time of the day and during the week. Serving customers with the most different desires, requirements and expectations. Always with the predefined high quality requirements and the goal in mind to present tailor-made solutions and thus exceed customers expectations. The most efficient possible exploitation of the truck(s) as well as a ecologically sustainable overall planning are at the top of the list of requirements. A challenge that demands professional know-how across the board.

Thereby other criteria come into my mind:

  • A clean elaborated operating concept with a focus on ecology, technology and sustainability.

  • A motivated, well-trained team which identifies with the operational concept and values.

  • A professional marketing strategy that is closely linked to a solid and customer-oriented online presence and a holistic branding.

  • A clear, transparent company policy and corporate culture. A statement and a positioning both internally and externally.

  • Trend-setting forward-looking visions. Predefined and calculated expansion plans.

A while back in time I elaborated a business plan, a food truck concept with the above concluded idea of focusing on ecology, technology and sustainability. A concept developed for the Swiss market. The research results and analyses from the business plan found partly their way into the food truck article.

Hints to the two episodes "The History of the Food Truck".

The first part focuses on the past, reflecting the roots and origins of the food truck. Entries on US street food history, the slightly change of food culture after the millennium and the current situation of US street food vendors. The article is very comprehensive. I hope you enjoy reading and have brought some time with you.

  • For more enjoyment and an optimal visual experience, I recommend using the desktop version.

  • For an easier navigation between the sections please use the navigation bar on the right side (desktop version only).

  • The German text is already under revision. Sorry for any lost sentence snippets, missing endings or other oddities in the text. I couldn't wait any longer with the publication. Text updates are done continuously.

  • The English version is also in progress and will be released very soon.

The second episode (not published yet) focuses on the changing food culture in Europe, growing creative small gastronomy and new approaches in the food sector. The post-millennium decades brought plenty of changes in the gastronomy. Food trucks have arrived in Europe long a go.....

Then I would like to turn the spotlights to Asia. Food trucks are no longer a rarity spectacle in Asian street food hubs such as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Saigon. Traditional food stalls now are being mixed with the extravagant trucks and trailers of the young and very creative generation. Extraordinary ideas and remarkable street food projects breathe new life into the local gastronomy scene.

Now I hope you enjoy reading on. The history of the Food Truck #1.

💖 Pascal Laube

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