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The Virgin Islands, Land der 7000 Inseln, Die Philippinen

The Virgin Islands ✵ Land der 7000 Inseln. Die Philippinen

September 09, 2019

phin ca phe ngon, Blog, Abenteuer Kaffee, Die Kaffeekultur in Vietnam

Abenteuer Kaffee ✯ Die Kaffeekultur in Vietnam

August 28, 2019

Pascal's New Blog Edition, Introduction,, pascal laube

Pascal's new

blog edition. ❁ Intro and hello.

August 20, 2019

Further post's are already under way and soon available.

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Salve Comrade, welcome friend. Great having you here.

I am Pascal, a millennial guy born into an era shortly before the infusion of digital technology changed every aspect in life, born back in a time when the Internet was not yet accessible to the masses and the World Wide Web had yet to be created.

Although I certainly didn't enter the world with a mobile phone in my hand, I have not entirely missed out the digital revolution and evolution. I have long been interested in digital technologies (sometimes more than in anything). The digital absence in my childhood definitely had not only a positive impacts. However, exactly this absence might be the essence in some ways, and has helped me to see things in a more differentiated and more critical way.

especially alternative and sustainable projects interest me


Originally I am from a very tiny but quite sophisticated place, a country surrounded by forest and mountains, located almost in the exact middle of Europe... Origin might matter but homeland is where it feels right!  

As free-spirited individualist, traveling has always meant a lot to me. It generates the pures form of energy and somehow maintains the inner balance and vitality. Letting go behind the old climes, doing things differently, often against the stream, trying to get on a complete other trail to walk through... Settling down somewhere else? Yes, an excellent decision, a great opportunity and a huge challenge. Exactly this is what I did!

After more than three years of living and working at the South Central Coast of Vietnam, after a very surrealistic time in 2020, after two lockdowns in spring and summer, after a very difficult but also rich and instructive year, I finally returned back to Europe at the end of 2020. In a way forced to do so - in the name of Covid-19...

A bit dejected and with a heavy heat I left the comfort zone once again, abandoning my home and a part of myself.

Back in here, where I once used to be part of, the situation is seemingly out of control. Half-hearted Corona measures with the call for individual responsibility (!) drag the situation of emergency into an endless loop. 



I consider myself a creative mind, as a thinker, energetic & curious, open minded but with clear principles. An individual with gravy in the gearbox and I'd say, with the celery placed in the right part ...


Interested in:

Geopolitics • history • foodstuffs • cooking • digital technologies • sustainable and environmental projects • visualisation • digital transformation • simplified, back to the future culinary art • electronic music • alternative ideas and contrasting  opinions • street food • event planning and realisation • workflow- and process optimisation • modular productivity • truck'n'roll • data management • digital development ...


Thanks for your interest, happy browsing!


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Cave at Marble Mountains, Da Nang Vietnam
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