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The Virgin Islands, Land der 7000 Inseln, Die Philippinen

The Virgin Islands ✵ Land der 7000 Inseln. Die Philippinen

September 09, 2019

phin ca phe ngon, Blog pascallaube.com, Abenteuer Kaffee, Die Kaffeekultur in Vietnam

Abenteuer Kaffee ✯ Die Kaffeekultur in Vietnam

August 28, 2019

Pascal's New Blog Edition, Introduction, pascallaube.com, pascal laube

Pascal's new

blog edition. ❁ Intro and hello.

August 20, 2019

Further post's are already under way and soon available.

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recent updates:

Extraordinary photos taken between 2015 and 2018.

Family photos, travel and personal shootings.


Best of 2016-2018



This gallery is dedicated to all the great and generous people I've met during the time in Vietnam.

new gallery:

Lovely Insights

Xin Chao


Über Chuck Wagons, Pushcarts, Penny Licks, Kakerlaken Kutschen und portable Freiluft-Küchen.

new article:

Part 1  |  German

History of

Food Trucks

The origin of the food truck. The slight change of food culture after millennium und the current FT situation.

coming soon:

Part 1  |  English

History of

Food Trucks


Welcome to Pascal's portfolio website!

Welcome friend! Great seeing you here.

I am Pascal. Originally from Switzerland, currently I am living in Da Nang, a city located in the South Central Coast Region of Vietnam. In some ways the expression "world citizen" hits it right, I am sticking to nowhere and love it in many places. Going back to Swiss is fine as long as I know when I will leave again. 🐱‍🚀

I consider myself a creative mind, as a thinker, energetic & curious, open minded but with clear principles. An individual with gravy in the gearbox and I'd say, with the celery in the right place too.


Interested in:

Geopolitics • history • foodstuffs • cooking • marketing and branding • 2020 technologies • sustainable and environmental projects • visualisation • digital transformation • simplified, back to the future culinary art • electronic music • alternative ideas and contrasting  opinions • street food • event planning and realisation • workflow- and process optimisation • modular productivity • truck'n'roll • data management • digital development ...


Thank for your interest, happy browsing!

Pascal 🌸

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